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Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Community Paper Sketchbooks

We created some wonderful community papers. I like to begin the year with the community paper project because not only do the children get their hands on some real art materials right off the bat, but they are also creating for the school community as a whole. Each class began the process by decorating "community paper" to be used as the cover for the sketch book. Community paper is poster sized paper that the students decorated cooperatively. The classes used differing techniques to add pizazz to the paper. These included paint with scrapers, wet on wet water color with salt, tissue with modge podge, and bleeding tissue paper. I, then, cut each large scale work down to book sized and mixed the beautiful works together. Students were able to "shop" for a sketch book cover from a large selection of unique covers all made by their school peers. Each student has also identified a goal for art this year by illustrating their "hopes and dreams" within the front cover of their sketchbook. Next time you're in school, make sure you check out our awesome sketchbooks!

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